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Tom Whale

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If you never want to tug on a wee soaked tampon string, sit in your own blood on a pad or wonder if your tampon string is on full show for the world to see at the beach, again, then you really should consider a menstrual cup!


Yes it's confronting at first but hand over heart, this will change 'that time of month' forever! You can go up to 8 hours before you have to empty it, you can sleep with it, swim with it, jog with it, you get the idea. Long term it's also much cheaper and you're not adding stinky tampons and pads to landfill! For me, it also removed my period pain, no clue how but many people report this and I dropped from 5 days to 4. I’ve totally removed that 'oh crap I forgot to buy tampons' moment from my life too and the risk of toxic shock is really low.  Personally I would never go back to tampons or pads, in fact the thought totally grosses me out now, my only regret is that I did not make this change years and years ago!

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