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About to start toilet training? Here are our tips!

About to start toilet training… here’s our top tips to get you through this super fun parenting period!

Step one. Prepare yourself with a keep cup, you’re going to need a lot of coffee and you may as well have a nice cup to drink it from.

Step two. You should also actually also buy yourself cheeki coffee mug because you’ll inevitably have to drink that coffee running out the door at some point but the toddler will then run at you and screech they need to weeeeeeeeeeeeee and you’ll drop the coffee as they nearly knock you over but being in a cheeki it won’t spill, so when you recover it from the neighbour’s driveway cause it rolled down there, like the kids soccer balls do EVERY SINGLE TIME they kick one, it will still have coffee in it, winning!

Step three. Buy some snazzipants, they’re basically padded undies and they are going to save you from the gorgeous little person who is “Me tooooo big for napsies” but between you and I is too freakin small for undies!

Step four. You should definitely consider a waterproof car set protector, aint nobody want wee in their car!



Step five. Brolly sheets are the best invention ever, and you’ll probably need a couple… these are your new best friends at 2am!  They’re basically a waterproof mini sheet, you put it over the fitted sheet and the kid sleeps on it.  If they… no when they… wet the bed you just whip this baby off and put the other one (cause remember I say buy two) on and go back to bed.  No need to strip the whole bed, this is truly awesome when you’re exhausted at ridiculous o’clock.

Step six. Install a familoo, this is a toilet seat with two bum bits AKA seats, one adult sized and one kid sized.  Nothing worse than a two-year-old who insists on using the “BIG toylettttt” but then falls in it because their little butt is too small and they won’t let you hold them because they’re two going on twenty-two.

Step seven. You’ve worked so hard and been so patient: buy yourself something nice as a reward for when this is all over. Check here if you are a mum and here if you are a dad.

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