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VIP Membership - 3 months

VIP Membership

VIP Membership - 3 months
Estimated Shipping Date: 19 Jan 2019

You’re all VIPs in our hearts…. But if you want the benefits of a Buy My Things VIP Membership, here’s where you’ll get them!

What are the benefits of being a BMT VIP?
- A further 5%* off your orders
- Access to a special VIP group (join here once you've signed up - where you'll be given the heads up on special offers, exclusive deals and a head start on site wide whole cart discount offers.
- Codes automatically applied - yep that's right, you’ll never have to search for a discount code or forget to enter one EVER!
- Monthly special offers sent direct to your inbox, think things like... 48 hours free shipping, 72 hours at 10% off, free gifts with purchase and so on…. how EXCITING!

To obtain these benefits, purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month membership & sit back and enjoy the red carpet treatment :)

P.S. By becoming a VIP you give us permission to send you offers via email and / or SMS

* To receive the 5% off you will need to enter a unique code linked to your account at checkout (which we will issue to you soon.) This code can not be used with other whole cart offers, credit vouchers or gift vouchers and is only available for orders placed on our website, it does not apply to partner offers.

Members who spend at least $100 per month will receive the following minimum value of savings and offers for the duration of their membership:

  • 3 months - Purchase your membership for $10 and receive a minimum value in offers of $30 
  • 6 months - Purchase your membership for $18 and receive a minimum value in offers of $60 
  • 12 months - Purchase your membership for $30 and receive a minimum value in offers of $120

Minimum spend of $100 must be met each calendar month in order to receive the value in offers mentioned above. If you spend less you will still receive some benefits but they may not be to the values mentioned.  Membership is non refundanble.  Membership will expire at the end of your selected membership period and you will need to purchase another period of membership should you wish to remain a VIP.  Buy My Things rserves the right to change the terms and conditions of VIP membership at any time.

If the only thing you're purchasing today is your brand new VIP Membership, then of course there's no shipping to pay. It's not like we're shipping you anything really, is it....YET. We're sure you're going to love being a BMT VIP so welcome to the addiction!

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