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Chameleon 5 Pen Primary Tones Set

Chameleon Pens, Colour Tones and Tops

The ability to change the colour tone of your pen at your finger tips - quite literally!
Chameleon 5 Pen Primary Tones Set
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The pleasure to be gained from bringing artworks to life with vibrant colour is second to none. The award-winning, patented Chameleon Pen colouring system lets you maximise your artistic results by allowing you to easily create effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending - all with just one pen.
Each pen goes from a hint of tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection, with the true beauty being in the ability to use less ink on your page, as you don’t need to overlay colours to achieve beautiful gradients. Anybody can do it because the pen literally does the blending for you!
The recent addition of Chameleon Color Tops to the already impressive range gives you an even easier way to blend colours. Simply pop a Chameleon Color Top on a Chameleon Pen (yes, that’s right - you need a Color Tone Pen to use Color Tops). Rather than blending two colours on the page, blend colours at the nib instead, for beautiful, smooth and seamless colour blends. One colour just flows into the other! Even opposite colours like orange and green can be blended together without a seam. Try it and see!

The Original 20 Colours
Cool Tones: Sky Blue BL3, Blue Violet BV4, Deep Violet VO4, Purple Grape PR4, Aqua Marine BG4
Earth Tones: Spring Meadow YG3, Bark BR5, Seville Orange OR4, Hot Cocoa BR2, Olive Green OL3
Pastel Tones: Warm Sunset YO3, Fawn NU3, Bisque NU1, Bubble Gum PK3, Cool Gray CG8
Primary Tones: Crimson Red RD4, Summer Sun YL2, s Royal Blue BL6, Grass Green GR3, Deep Black BK4

The 30 NEW Colours
Blue Tones: BL2 Baby Blue, BL4 Cornflower Blue, BL7 Indigo, BG1 Lagoon, BG3 Turquoise
Floral Tones: PK2 Dusty Rose, PK4 Peony Pink, PK5 Fuchsia, BV2 Lavender, VO2 Mauve
Gray Tones: NG4 Neutral Gray 4, CG5 Cool Gray 5, CG9 Cool Gray 9, WG3 Warm Gray 3, WG7 Warm Gray 7
Nature Tones: BR1 Taupe, BR3 Cinnamon, GR1 Green Apple, GR2 Dark Sage, GR4 Evergreen
Skin Tones: NU00 Nude, NU0 Sand, NU2 Light Peach, NU4 Carmel, BR4 Burnt Umber
Warm Tones: RD2 Red Coral, RD3 Vermillion, RD5 Burgundy, YO2 Mellow Yellow, OR3 Tangerine

5 Pen Set

  • Produce over 25 different colour tones
  • Comes with instructions and an idea guide

22 Pen Deluxe Set

  • Includes the Original 20 Colours, 1 x Colorless Blender and 1 x Detail Pen
  • Produce over 100 different colour tones
  • Comes with instructions and an idea guide

30 Pen Deluxe Set

  • Includes the 30 NEW Colours (the perfect addition if you already have the Original 20 colours!)
  • Produce over 100 different colour tones
  • Presented in a multi-purpose case with carry strap that converts into a work station
  • Comes with instructions and an idea guide

52 Pen Super Set

  • Includes the Original 20 Colours AND the 30 NEW Colours - the whole shebang!
  • Also includes 1 x Colorless Blender, 1 x Detail Pen, 1 x Chameleon Tweezers, 1 x Pack of assorted replacement nibs
  • Produce over 100 different colour tones
  • Presented in a multi-purpose case with carry strap that converts into a work station
  • Comes with instructions and an idea guide

About the Color Tones Pen

  • Double-ended
  • Japanese SuperSoft brush nib and bullet nib
  • Professional quality alcohol-based ink
  • Refillable inks
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Permanent on most surfaces
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based inks
  • Non-toxic and low odour
  • Ideal for all paper crafts, Manga, Graphic and Fine Art
  • Required for use with Chameleon Color Tops

About the Colorless Blender

  • Double-ended pen with Japanese SuperSoft Brush and Bullet Nibs containing the same colourless toning medium used in the mixing chamber of Chameleon Color Tones
  • Use to overlay, lighten or continue blending already applied colour
  • Use over any colour to add texture and patterns

About the Detail Pen

  • Double-ended pen with two Fine Line nibs (0.6mm and 0.4mm) containing black dye-based ink that is permanent when dry and compatible with alcohol-based inks
  • Use for illustrating, outlining and to accent stamping
  • Whatever you draw will not smear when combined with Chameleon Color Tones

Please note: these are not recommended for child use, they are permanent markers. They are also not compatible with all papers. Paper that is designed for alcohol pens is best or a decent card stock.

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