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bFan® from the makers of The Bedfan

Put an end to night sweats once and for all!
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The bFan® is the latest fan released by the makers of the original bedfan.  If you suffer with night sweats, it's going to make your restless nights from overheating, a thing of the past!

These fans are designed to remove the extra heat that is generated by your body while sleeping. Typically heat gets trapped between your bed sheets and can even start to heat up your mattress and doona, all of which causes your body to overheat. This unique fan enables you to sleep much cooler at night by eliminating that trapped heat and at the same time save you money on air conditioning costs.

How exactly does it remove that trapped air, we hear you ask, in a very clever way! The fan is designed to sit on top of your mattress between your top and bottom sheets and blow air in between your sheets which then travels over your body pushing the hot air out near your shoulders. 

If you're a hot sleeper or perhaps you're suffering with hot flushes due to menopause or another medical conition the bFan® is your ticket to a good nights sleep again!

When choosing your bedfan, measure the height from the floor to the top of the mattress and choose the fan which matches this length.


Setting Up The bFan®

The installation of the bFan® is very simple. In this next video we will show you just how simple it is.. For this installation we installed the bFan® at the foot of the bed, which is the preferred location. From the foot of the bed the air will naturally travel along your body and exit at the top of the bed around your shoulders.  The bFan® is intended to deliver the air between the top and bottom sheets of your bed so that it is in direct contact with your body.  One of the nice improvements to this new unit is that the base is extremely sturdy with a wide and deep footing as well as a lower center of gravity. This allows the user to place the fan anywhere they like and not worry about stability. See the following full video for installation instructions.


Controlling the bFan®

The bFan® is fully controllable from off to high and all points in between. When you first start using the bFan® you should start with the bFan® on low and gradually work your way up. At the same time you will raise the temperature in your room by a couple degrees each night. The objective is to bring the fan to about half of full power yet still feel cool. After a few nights of doing this you will reach a point of comfort that you have never felt before. This is equilibrium and from this point you can stop changing the thermostat and start sleeping deeper and sounder.  For the first night, set the fan on low and see if it is too cool in bed for you. If your bed is too cool, you need to raise the temperature in your room for the next night. Follow this pattern until you have reached about half power on the fan and you are no longer too cool. The point of equilibrium is the point at which the bFan® is evacuating your body heat at about the same rate that it is being created. Above equilibrium will be too cool and below equilibrium will be too warm.  By adjusting the thermostat in your house a few degrees at a time, along with adjusting the bFan® speed, you will eventually find that you are significantly reducing the amount of electricity being consumed thus lowering your electric bill at the same time.

Please note -  bFan® is made in the USA by Tompkins Research Inc.  For more information about the company visit  As Buy My Things are not the manufacturer of this product, all product faults and issues are the responsability of Tompkins Research Inc

Delivery Options

We offer FREE shipping on the bFan® to all major Australian cities.  If you are in a regional area you can request a shipping quote by emailing [email protected]


Where is the bFan® made?  The Bedfan's patented cooling system is Built in the Lone Star State, Texas, USA.

Will the bFan® come with an Australian plug?  Yes it sure will!

Is there a warranty?  Yes, 12 months

Is the bFan® a copy or is it coming from the makers of the original bed fan?  It's the real deal, coming from Texas and it's their latest, improved bed fan!

I suffer with terrible night sweats, will it help? It certainly will help to cool you down and allow you to have a more restful sleep

Won't it get in the way?  Nope, it tucks into the bed quite neatly and you'll hardly notice it at all!

Does it have a remote control?  It comes with a wired remote, phew... you won't ever lose it.

What if I get too cold? You can adjust the fan to suit you and of course you can always switch it off

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