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Tom Whale

Gifts for Every Occasion

Gah next month I have a wedding, a baby shower, two kids’ birthday parties (that I know about!) and a house warming.  Pre Buy My Things this would have made me go grey overnight trying to work out what to give… but working in our Hornsby store and in the warehouse I see some amazing products so the only hard part is deciding what to buy!


For the wedding, I’m tossing up between a quicksand mat inside a saltwater beach bag as this couple are avid beach goers and who doesn’t want a mat that stops the sand getting all over you and a bag that fits so much in it you could camp out for days with it.  Alternatively, do I make up a pack of kitchen goodies with things like a butterbell, a dreamfarm garject, a supoon or two, a pavlova plate, perhaps a couple of keep cups and maybe even a mackies bread tin...


For the baby shower, I think I will need to be the super hero friend and give a lulla doll.  People who have them infuriate everyone who doesn’t with tales of babies sleeping through the night when they wouldn’t sleep more than a half an hour before they had it!



The two kids’ parties… both girls.  I could get them what they really want, a giant beanie boo but then I may not be their parents’ favourite person anymore and really that is a special special gift that probably only Santa would bring!  A couple of KiddiKutter Knives is a practical option but the kids will roll their eyes so perhaps I meet somewhere in the middle with a clip beanie boo for their school bag and a dear little letterbox which encourages them to write letters to friends, fairies, Mum and Dad, who ever really.




Finally, for the house warming… this family love nothing more than being outdoors and if money was no object I could really spoil them and get a Vuly trampoline but alas I’m not that loaded, so perhaps a cabinet frame the kids can put their artwork in on the wall will help make the house feel like a home and won’t drain my bank balance so much!


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