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Tom Whale

Mason Pearson Brushes… Are They Really That Good?


A few people have asked what's so special about these brushes... to be honest I didn't really understand the fuss about the Mason Pearson brushes but as usual I got sucked in and got one anyway (I suffer with chronic FOMO).

When I got it, I still wasn't really getting the hype. I used it, it's a brush, it brushed my hair, sure it felt nice enough, it looks pretty, I still was unclear on the enthusiasm. Then my daughter used it and without prompting she said, "Oh Mum, this brush is so comfortable!" What? Comfortable, it's not a lounge child!

Anyway, several days went by with her using the oh so comfortable brush. Then it dawned on me... it gets her knots out without hurting one little bit and you can actually hear when the knots are gone, it makes no sound but when there's knots you can hear them. It's comfortable because it's not hurting her. She has fine hair that tangles like nothing else!

It seems my daughter isn’t alone either with dozens of our customers telling us both in the Hornsby store and in our Facebook community how much these brushes have eased the morning hair stress.  Here’s just a few reviews…


“I am so glad that I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one of these brushes. I never knew that brushing hair didn't have to hurt.”


“I’ve had a mason Pearson all my life....40 odd years they are amazing !!!!!”


“Bought one for my daughter with lots (and I mean LOTS) of hair. It's the only brush that doesn't make her scream and she refuses to let me use any other brush. I balked at the price even though it's the one the hairdresser recommended for her hair. Best investment ever worth every cent.”


My verdict... I agree with Karen, worth every cent and now I get it!

The Mason Pearson Hair Brush

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