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Tom Whale

Lavanila vs. Black Chicken Deodorants

So, it's now been more than a month since I started using Lavanila Deodorant so I thought it's about time I compared it with Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant.

Ease of use
Lavanila wins on this front, the stick is easier to just swipe under your arm, whereby Black Chicken requires you to use your finger to spread it around, yes first world problem!

This obviously really depends on personal choice; Black Chicken has one smell only and it's fairly neutral so great for both men and women. Lavanila has an array of scents including non-scented so again there's something for everyone but if you hate the scent of vanilla but prefer some scent then Black Chicken might be better for you. Personally, I love the Lavanila coconut scent, smells like holidays :)

I find I still sweat with both products if I do exercise and both stop me smelling like a stinky old pair of socks but if I really had to call it, I would say Black Chicken is slightly more effective.

I have not found either product stain my clothes.

Neither product contains anything of concern, however Black Chicken does contain Sodium Bicarbonate which some people are allergic to.

Black Chicken is $18.50 and we can't always discount it. Lavanila is $24.95 but comes down to $20.71 (use code BMTLAVANILA) so there's $2.21 in it... I think lavanila is going to last longer though!

Both products are excellent natural deodorants and I really don't think you can go wrong with either of them. I am definitely happy I have made the swap and I will continue to use both, dependent on my mood :)
What have I forgotten? Feel free to ask :)

Lavanila Deodorant

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