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To keep your Mackies Bread Tin looking its best over the years, follow these Mackies Bread Tin Care instructions:

Under normal bakery conditions and with proper care and maintenance, pans and trays manufactured from STEELUMAT™ produce superior quality baked foods.  Mackies recommends implementing the following care and maintenance to maximise the life of your bake ware:

  • Pans and trays should not be subjected to "burning in" prior to use and empty pans should never be placed in hot ovens. Putting a dough piece in every pan is recommended to avoid damage to coating and pan material. Bake ware and non stick liners should not be placed directly on oven element or open flame.
  • Use of a limited amount of good quality vegetable oil is recommended, however excess oil will result in heavy carbon build up that will lead to spotted or discoloured product. Dusting flour, seeds and other ingredients will adversely affect the life and release qualities of the coatings and careful removal of such in the cleaning process should be carried out so that pan life is not overly compromised.
  • After use, pans/trays should be wiped over with a damp cloth and stored in a dry area. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.  Pans/trays should not be immersed in water or other solution a humid environment is a sure way to invite rust and coating breakdown.

About Mackies Tins:

All Mackies' pans and trays are made from STEELUMAT™, Mackies name for aluminised steel. STEELUMAT™ is manufactured from cold rolled steel, hot dipped with an aluminium silica alloy and rolled to produce a low sheen, silver-grey surface. This material’s physical and chemical properties withstand the hostile environment in intensive production bakeries so should last many years in a home kitchen. 

It important to note that Mackies pans and trays are designed to suit industrial baking applications, therefore surface blemishes (i.e. minor marks, scuffs and scratches) are considered normal and will not adversely affect the purpose of the pan. 

Happy baking! We hope you've found these Mackies Bread Tin Care tips helpful! 

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