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What is Buy My Things?

We're a consumer-driven retailer... wait WHAT?! In other words, we source and stock the products our customers want. Our Facebook Group currently has over 68,000 members who suggest new products all the time.

Who is behind Buy My Things?

Headed by Northern Sydney mums, Diane Whale and Denise Hertroijs, over 15 dedicated mums and dads make up the Buy My Things team.

How did Buy My Things start?

The business was an idea that sparked between Diane Whale, mum to a seven year old boy and five year old girl, and Denise Hertroijs, mum to five year old and one year old girls and a four year old boy. A few years ago, Diane wanted to buy a robot vacuum cleaner to help ease the cleaning load of two young kids and a full time job. She thought if she could get together a few people who also wanted one, she could place a bulk order. To keep all the details in one place, she started a Facebook group (called Buy My Things) and invited everyone she knew to join. Several people said yes to the robot vacuum cleaner idea, so she went about organising it!

The following week, over a bottle of wine, Diane and Denise joked about how great it would be to run the group as a business. They saw the potential for a group that would coordinate bulk orders for all the things people needed and wanted in life. So, the next day, they registered the business name and asked people in the group what they were keen to order! In February 2016, our innovative online model grew to include a bricks & mortar retail store in Hornsby NSW and as of August 2016, we've stocked over 10,000 products and have almost 68,000 members!

What makes Buy My Things so different?

We only stock the fabulous things our customers are interested in! This means we end up sourcing all sorts of innovative, different and helpful products. Especially products that help make parenting easier, put smiles on kids' faces and treat parents to something special for themselves. Plus, instead of shipping charges, our customers in Sydney and Brisbane can choose to pick up for FREE from our Hornsby shop or pay only $2 to collect their lovely things from our team members' homes in Leichhardt, Kareela and Kellyville NSW. We also offer FREE shipping for orders over $150, perfect for stocking up on some different kids' gifts for all those birthday parties throughout the year!


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